Here you can see two reinforcements around the spar installation.

Longeron Inside

And the installation of the upper firewall. I got the tapes a little slanted. Oh well. You can also see a gap above the firewall top the turtleback – this is where I raised the turtleback. I need to fill in here.


The fill-in turned out OK. I glassed over it after the flox cured. This was done before installing the top BID wrap over the top edge of the turtleback, so it’s all sealed under there (inside and out).


Mounting the turtleback went fine. My new height and width made it a little awkward to do the fittings in some spots, but for the most part it turned out alright. The foam shaping is a little smaller than plans call for, and I don’t have as much overhang, but in the end the inside edges lined up exactly on top of the longerons, which means more shoulder room for the rear seat.

img00068.jpg img00070.jpg img00071.jpg img00072.jpg